Friday, March 8, 2013

Long Hiatus

Been a while.  Still lots of piano playing in the long hiatus of posting here, but just got a lot busier.  Smarter thing to do is to simply keep my blogs more to the point.

So, a review of what's happened since a long time ago!

- Learned Beethoven's Emperor concerto
    Remark: the piece isn't that hard to learn per se, but there are a few difficult technical passages that require in-depth practicing.  Again though, didn't bother to memorize.

- A bunch of chamber music parties.
    Remark: that's right!  Had lots of string players over to play chamber music.  Piano trios, quartets, quintets, plus string only chamber music when I need a break.  Invited some pianists over too.  Good times.

- Decided to take those music diploma exams one day.
    Remark: A nice goal to set.  After vacillating, my decision is to learn Beethoven's Appassionata and Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy.  Mostly because they're easier to memorize.

- Le Tic Toc Choc.
    Remark: Fell in love with it, learned it.  Fun piece.

- Joplin.
    Remark: The Entertainer and The Maple Leaf Rag.  Reasonably easy for memorize.

- Mario Music
    Remark: We spot a trend!  Lots of casual music.

Well, I'll go back to posting whenever I have interesting things to say.  Most likely won't be as detailed as before but hopefully more to-the-point.

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